Finance Golden Coin

TemFi coin

TemFi Coin (FI) is a BEP20 decentralized crypto token on Binance Smart Chain, it is called Finance Golden Coin

The first social platform use self TemFi Token as main cryptocurrency to allow membership users send, receive, trade, manage, vote or make payment for all transactions

Develop Fairness NFT Marketplace where users can create and sell NFT items from their own digital products property with a new protocol to set sell price , support all commands buy, rebuy, sell, resell, return

Fair Launch | Trust Project

100% total TemFi tokens supply has pushed up on public crypto marketplaces to buy, sell and trade that make fair for everyone own coins with the same price. No Pre-sale, No Private Sale, No ICO, IDO Sale.

Buy, sell with No Tax fee. Low transactions fee. Slippage price only set 0.1% to 1%

Our coin smart contract very clearly that means we can't change buy, sell tax fee, can't mint more tokens and block sell command disabled. These permissions decide that the project has been trust or not


Coin Name


Coin Logo

Coin logo

Coin Symbol


Smart Contract Address


Decimals: 9

Total Supply: 11,000,000

Max Supply: 11,000,000

Blockchain Network

Binance Smart Chain

Token Distribution

65% tokens added to liquidity be locked for sale on Crypto Exchange Platforms

25% used for trading on our NFT Marketplace

7% owned by Developers Team

3% donated to Charity Organizations, Startup Companies

Features To The Moon

Max fixed Tokens supply unchanged will boost TemFi price increase by the time and number of holders

Only 500,000 tokens or less released out per years so it take over 22 years to release all 11,000,000 tokens

TemFi token will become a popular cryptocurrency and be listed on most crypto exchange marketplaces as Binance, Coinbase, Huobi Global,, UpBit, Kraken,,, Pancakeswap, ApeSwap and more

Anti whale, shark holders don't own a large tokens amount that will help to prevent price dump sale

TemFi not dynamic coin, elastic supply coin, Pet meme fake coins

Strong community talking and sharing about these tags #TemFi $FI #FICoin #FI #GoldenCoin #NFTNetwork, #PhoenixProject as marketing rocket


TemFi Coin was created

Official website has launched

Smart contract address is verified

Connect with community social sites

Distribute token completed

Rank "TemFi" keyword on top search on Google, Bing, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo

Coin Airdrop event has been finished

Create voting reviews Platform for Crypto projects

Boost website SEO packages purchase

Reach Marketing Campaign

List on Pancakeswap, Apeswap, Poocoin to buy, sell and trade

Target 2,500 Holders

Update token information, trademark logo on Trustwallet, Metamask...

Put on Coingecko listing

Build NFT Social Network

Develope TemFi Digital Wallet

Target 10,000 Holders

Submit on Coinmarketcap listing

Release TemFi NFT app on Google Play, Apple Store

Reach target 50,000 Holders

Certik audit submission

Apply list on, Huobi Global for trading

Target 100,000 Holders

Add trade on Binance

Target 500,000 Holders

Coinbase Exchange Network Submission

Target 1 million Holders

Establish a financial company with headquarters location in US

Reach to 1B Market Cap

Develope Global Crypto Payments Merchant Gateway

Reach to 10B Market Cap

Open an investment fund to support startup companies research into environmentally friendly technology products


+ Staking to earn

+ Receive FI from friends, people

+ Sell your NFT items get paid with TemFi Coin

+ Vote for crypto projects to earn

+ Referal earning program

How to getting start?

1. Create your account on our network


2. Add or connect your BSC wallet address

3. Earn TemFi Coin with these ways.

4. Verify your account information

5. Deposit, withdrwal, transfer with your FI coin