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TemFi coin

TemFi is the Global Social Network release TemFi (FI) a BEP20 decentralized token on Binance Smart Chain, we use it as main cryptocurrency to provide financial services such as sending, receiving, trading, voting, payment and more for all our membership users

A Fairness NFT Marketplace where users can create, sell NFT items from their own digital assets include categories photos, videos, audio, writings and even physical products property with a new protocol to set sell price, support all commands buy, rebuy, sell, resell, return

Trusting Project

TemFi token information has been updated and verified on BSC, project is safety with community, see link here

Buy, sell with No Tax fee, no hidden fee. Low transaction fee. Slippage price only from 0.1% to 1%

100% TemFi token supply is fair listing for sale on public exchange platforms without any sale events such as Pre-sale, Private Sale, ICO, IDO Sale.

Smart contract code very clearly, we can't set up or change buy, sell tax fee, can't mint more tokens and block sell command disabled. These permissions is the key decide the project has been trusted or not. View Contract details information

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Coin Name


Coin Logo

Coin logo

Coin Symbol


Smart Contract Address


Decimals: 9

Total Supply: 11,000,000

Max Supply: 11,000,000

Blockchain Network

Binance Smart Chain

Token Distribution

60% vesting for sale on Crypto Exchange Markets

25% trading on our Ecosystem

10% has been burned

5% owned by Developers Team

Token Releasing Amount

500,000 or less per year


Ways To Earn

+ Staking to earn

+ Receive FI from friends, people

+ Sell your NFT items get paid with TemFi Coin

+ Vote for crypto projects to earn

+ Referal earning program

How To Earn?

1. Create your account

2. Add or connect your BSC wallet address

3. Earn FI token with these ways above

4. Deposit, withdrawl, transfer, swap your FI token


TemFi Coin was created

Official website has launched

Smart contract is verified

Connect with community social sites

Distribute token completed

1,100,000 tokens sent to 2 Black Hole Wallets (burned)

Coin Airdrop event has been finished

Create voting reviews Platform for Crypto projects

Rank "TemFi" keyword on top search on Google, Bing, Yahoo

Purchase website SEO packages

Launch token for sale on Pancakeswap

Run Influencers Marketing

Get listed on Coingecko

Reach $100M Market Cap

Submit on Coinmarketcap listing

Build Metaverse Social Network

Target $150M Market Cap

Update token information, trademark logo

Get listing on

Target $250M Market Cap

Certik audit submission

Release NFT Marketplace

Publish TemFi app on Google Play, Apple Store

Raise permanent Marketing

Reach to target $500M Market Cap

Apply list on, Huobi Global for trading

Target $750M Market Cap

Add trade on Binance

Target Target $1B Market Cap

Build Center Data Server located in the US

Coinbase Exchange Network Submission

Target $5B Market Cap

Establish a financial company with headquarters location in US

Reach to 10B Market Cap

Develop Global Crypto Payments Merchant Gateway

Partnership for advertising as sponsor

Reach to 50B Market Cap

Open an investment fund to support startup companies research into environmentally friendly technology products